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This is a collection of the Kendama USA staff's favorite Kendamas, Accessories & Apparel.

Zach Magnuson's Pro Model Kendama is a bright orange blockbuster made from maple wood and designed on the Shift Shape Ken. Inspired by Zach's passions for filmmaking and photography this is one kendama that you won't want to miss out on. A film reel wraps around the center of the...
The Sidekick is designed to secure up to two kendamas to your belt loop. Each kendama holster is handmade by Jake Wiens from durable, machine washable, cordage right here in the USA.  Pick from one of four firey & exclusive colorways or collect them all.  Features: Sweat Resistant Machine Washable...
The Craft Kendama Diamond Display is a handmade floating kendama shelf. This minimalistic and modular design holds one Kendama and is perfect for showcasing your most prized Kendama in style. This limited edition kendama display shelf is available in Curly Maple or Cherry Wood. We teamed up with a team of...
Stringing and re-stringing Kendamas just got a whole lot easier! Our Kendama re-stringing tools will help you thread any Kendama.  Spend less time stringing and more time playing! Shred Resistant Effectively threads string through any string hole; tama, sarado, ken, wormholes etc... Each package contains 10 Kendama Re-Stringing Tools
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Avoid softness and support the Kendama forum by getting a sticker-pack! These aren't your standard stickers. These are high-quality die-cut vinyl decals. Includes 4 sizes: 1"x1" (fits on a kendama handle) 2.5"x2" 3"x3" 1"x7"   
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Dama Straps are designed to securely hold your Kendama wherever you go. Each kendama Strap features a metal clip that can be used to fasten your Kendama to your belt loop or bag.  Our Kendama holsters are stylish and made of durable heavy-duty polyester.  Additionally, the Dama strap doubles as a...
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Kaizen Half Splits are designed for Pro level playability at an entry-level price. Our classic green & white half split design has been updated with tracking elements including a white top dot on the tama and an engraving on the rim of the big cup. The matching green string is extra long to...
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Kaizen Half Splits are designed for Pro level playability at an entry-level price. Our classic red and white half-split design features updated tracking elements; including a white top dot on the tama and an engraving on the rim of the big cup. The matching red string is extra long to...
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The Kendama String Pack contains 10 strings in 10 different colors, three bearings, seven beads, and two stringing tools. Everything you need to style, personalize and instantly freshen up your Kendama for another round of play. Why Kendama USA Strings? Our Kendama strings have been the choice of champions and...
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Protect your Kendama from the elements with our Kendama Bags! These hip natural Kendama bags were once only available to our pro team and purchasers of limited exotic Kendamas & Crafts. After receiving so many requests and great feedback we decided to make them available to everyone. We hope you enjoy...
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The Haley Bishoff Pro Model V2 Kendama is a transition from the mountains and trees of the Northwest, to the deserts of the Southwest. Haley's Pro Model is made of maple wood and designed on the Shift ken shape. The tama is a clean salt white canvas with 3 different color stripes...
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Get ready to give it all you've got with this 100% Kendama tee! Fresh threads to compliment your skills and show your dama-dedication! (this item is sized as Mens Adult)


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