100% American Made! Working inside the Craft shop gives our team the unmatched ability to experiment, create, and refine our Kendama shapes to a level of precision we could never imagine when we first started making Kendamas.

We are extremely excited and proud of this Craft concept: The Jet Shape. This beauty was built to hit every aspect of Kendama play. The sarado is thick; sculpted to improve lunar balance and sling better than any Kendama we've played. The cup rims feature distinctive edges and wide cup rims, creating an ideal surface area to lock in your stalls. The Jet's handle is marked by 3 burn lines and a thin ring stall with a rounded edge. The base of the handle is thick with an aggressive taper. A deep base cup hole helps remove excess wood material, giving this shape a perfect weight distribution.

Craft Kendamas stand at the pinnacle of Kendama quality and engineering. Designed by Kendama USA for next-generation play and performance, the Jet shape is the latest in kendama evolution; unmatched in playability and balance.

Craft Kendamas are exceptional on so many levels. These are NOT mass-produced Kendamas from overseas. Every single Craft Kendama is made from scratch, with every detail hand-finished by experienced players right here in the USA. This extraordinary level of craftsmanship and care results in a Kendama that will elevate your game.

Wood Options:

All wood in the Craft shop is sustainably sourced from the highest quality North American timber.

Yellow Birch

Birch offers players durability and grip in a great weight range for Kendamas. Yellow birch is a very resilient and durable species, and has quickly become one of our favorite North American wood species work with.  

White Ash

Ash wood is strikingly beautiful. The spaced and porous growth rings will provide you with a coarse surface, give you a natural grip. Ash wood is durable and lightweight with a texture that you'll love. When it comes to unpainted nattys, nothing is quite like our ash tamas.

Hard Maple

Hard Maple is the strongest of the maple species and its closed grain structure gives the Ken a smooth feel and crisp sounding contacts. Maple wood has an elegant wavy grain, and is the most resistant to scratches and dents. Maple has become the favorite Ken wood of many pro players worldwide.

Features & Improvements

  • Mix & Match your favorite Ken & Tama wood species
  • Tamas available in: Yellow Birch, White Ash, Hard Maple
  • Kens available in: Hard Maple or Yellow Birch
  • Thick Sarado shaped for insane slingers
  • Large Cups for maximum Playability
  • Increased Ken & Tama size from our Nova shape
  • Wide stall points with Crisp Cup Rims to lock in stall tricks
  • Triple tracking lines 
  • Perfect Jet Bevel 
  • Deep Base-Cup Hole for great weight distribution 
  • 100% Designed and Produced by Experienced Kendama Players
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA 

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    Manuel Maya (Milwaukee, US)

    Jet shape or nothing else

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