Kenyatta Williams is Kendama USA Pro!

Kenyatta's Pro Model is made with an Ash tama and a Maple Ken designed on the Nova Shape. The inspiration behind Kenyatta's tama design is his love of rollerblading. The tama has a holographic metallic silver paint with red paint splatters on it, and features a mean 70/30 split separated by 9 tracking dots.  At the top of the ball is the original “Kat Knives” design, and the entire tama is coated in our Super Stick paint. Inside the bevel “Mindgame” has been engraved as a reminder that it’s all in your head, and that any trick is possible. 

The Ken features many custom engravings and tracking points that were hand-designed by Kenyatta. The Flownamic duo logo sits under the small cup and there are roman numerals on the bottom side of the rim. Between the slip and handle rings is the San Diego skyline representing his love for the city. Spike Hard Catch Low translated in Japanese wraps around the handle, Otaku is engraved on the big cup rim. The original Twiztakat logo is engraved into the base cup, instead of the normal base cup hole found on the Nova shape.

#TrillMod Features:

  • Maple Wood Ken designed on the Nova Shape
  • Ash Tama
  • Custom art and engravings
  • Large Ball, Cup, Bevel, and Ken Size
  • KUSA Bearing to Reduce String Tangles

A note from @th0k3n.

"At a young age, I'd always questioned what my purpose was and what I would leave behind. At 13 I found Rollerblading and spent all my time progressing alone. I found Kendama through Rollerblading at 27. Spending those prior years in my own space I feel has laid the groundwork for what would be the beginning of my journey with Kendama. 

I've tried to define myself as an individual, focusing on my contributions to Kendama itself and what I'll leave behind.  Not wanting to follow, but add to the game. From Flow to Flownamic Duo, my personal journey with Kendama has led me across the world and crossed paths with some of the most genuine individuals I've met in my life. Thank you to any and everyone who's supported me along the way. Keep it Trill 

-The Twiztakat"


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kybric Barken (Cedar Hill, US)
Best mod design EVER!!!

This is my favorite pro model ever!!!! I used to rollerblade also and seeing the little hints of francoshade and mind game just blew me away and also the fact that Kenyatta rollerblades too makes it a million times better. Plus it plays really good. I can’t put it down.

Thanks for the support! We're stoked that you love it!

robb discord
The Dynamic Duo of setups

Name a better pair than a Maple ken with a Ash Tama, I'll wait...

Seriously though. This setup is absolutely insane. The NOVA shape is so underrated among all the new companies and shapes in the scene now. Super stick paint is crazy durable and believe me when I say I live by the motto "Destroy all damas". I've not had KUSA's super stick paint get all slick like other sticky paints tend to do in cold weather. Even though it's begun to flake off, the design of the Tama has stayed mostly intact and the ash wood doing it's grippy thing underneath. The NOVA shape has to be played to be truly appreciated because of how the sarado will settle on the sword after a while and make for a truly honed in ken even with this setup not having a basecup hole/portal thing

Trevor Duggar-mercado
Unfortunate luck with Tama being to light.

As beautiful as this mod is it came in tama light and ken heavy. It always seems to be the lack of mine draw ever since I started playing Kendama it's been kind of a thing that I've been always getting LOL other than that the Kendama is absolutely gorgeous and plays amazing when I put a weight match Tama on. Much love I can't wait to start filming again

David Mock (Los Angeles, US)
Well weighted and tacky!

Love it! Kenyatta’s pro mod is an instant classic!

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