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The Global Kendamas Network (GLOKEN) was established in Japan in June 2012 by Tamotsu Kubota.  Their goal is to build relationships among Kendama players and make Kendama popular around the world.  They have collaborated with the legendary Japanese craftsman Kazuma Iwata to create the highly regarded Mugen Musou product line.

GLOKEN and Yonemura Woodworking have teamed up to bring you a competition Kendama; the Legaxis Kendama.   Legaxis - JAPAN is a half-split designed natty and white with red painted bevel. The white paint around the tama hole improves hole tracking. This not only improves the visibility of the rotation...
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$129.99 $163.99
The Zoomadanke Ruby Red was available March of 2015 for international release, Gloken, Mugen Musou, and Zoomadanke collaborated on the Ruby Red project to honor Utakata Zoomadanke. Zoomadanke, a professional Kendama performance duo, attracts people in Japan & abroad to Kendama with incomparable style and skill. We're honored to be able to...
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$99.99 $149.99
The Spring Yellow Mugen Musou is the second two toned 70/30 Kendama style ever made by Gloken. Featuring a yellow and cream tama, it makes hole tracking a easier and the two colors perfectly fade into one another. We hope you’ll enjoy it. Inspiration for this design came to the mind of...
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Blue Kendama T Shirt themed after a popular Kendama trick called "The Bird". Designed by Japanese Kendama player Tomoyuki Matsuzawa.
$24.99 $34.99
Feel like a wee bit of a change? The Mugen replacement tips will definitely do the trick! You've got a little sparkle and a lot of color to choose from. It's almost like having a new Mugen! Almost...**This item is specifically designed for the Mugen Musou Kendama.** * In early 2016...
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Mugen Musou tees are finally in stock and they look awesome! Fresh threads to compliment your dama skills. Represent with this new Musou tee. (this item is sized as Men's Adult)
$99.99 $179.99
The Chocolat Mugen Musou Kendama features a rich brown colored tama painted with premium sticky paint by none other than Iwata Mokko. Your purchase will be coming from the Kendama USA Vault here in the USA. Enjoy! Each Musou comes with a 1 pre-strung Kendama, extra string bead, spike tip replacement...
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$149.99 $184.99
Vintage. Refined. Subtle. This Red Wine Musou shows sophistication and class and impresses passerby's with its rich red hue.  Gloken takes it to the next level with the amazing Musou's so be sure to snag one today.  
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$129.99 $149.99
This Green Mugen Musou is sure to delight your senses, both by sight and feel. Memories of the green grass and trees during Summer time are sure to come to mind as you enjoy playing this wonderful kendama.    Each Mugen Musou Kendama comes with an extra string, a replacement...
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$99.99 $189.99
The Sparkling Green Mugen Musou is the one of two colors offered when the Mugen Musous were publicly re-released under Gloken on Halloween of 2013. The Sparkling Green features a dark green color that changes and shimmers in the light. Often compared  to a blue-green sapphire  this Kendama is a rare gem that we...
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$149.99 $200.00
The Keyaki Mugen Musou is like no other Keyaki Kendama. The finest Keyaki heart wood that has been naturally dried for 8 years was hand picked by creator Iwata Mokko. Heartwood the hardest and strongest part of a tree, is formed as a result of a genetic process where the sapwood,...
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The new Meteor Red Mugen Musou has evolved the beauty of the Meteor Blue introduced last year. Meteor Red has been painted with many different colors of metallic pearls including blue, red and gold. If you take a look at it under sunlight, the color expands with all the sparkle glitter that will remind...
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The Phantom Blue is Mugen Musous first release for 2017. It's made from beech wood and features the Shiguchi Shaped ken with a sakura wood painted tama by by Kazuma Iwata.The faded blue stripe design is great for tracking and the musou paint gives it the perfect amount of stickiness + slipperiness right out of the...


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