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Cherry is a heavy grainy wood with satisfying clacks and a rich brown color. Running in the high 80 grams, these are great for players that are wanting a heavy playable kendama.
We painted this cherry Kaizen Kendama using our mysterious Ghost Silk coating.  This provides a great sticky grip with a smooth matte finished surface, while leaving the natural woodgrain visible.  This paint style is great for mastering difficult balance tricks, while keeping a natural organic look. KAIZEN FEATURES: Traditional Assembly Dense...
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Kendama skills feeling a little under the weather? Try The Pill from our friends at Terra Kendama. The Pill is a toy they invented that has been steadily growing in popularity. Since first inventing the toy, they have worked hard to hone the design for maximum playability. If you enjoy...
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Great for the player looking for a weighty feel and a rich clack sound.  This is the first time we’ve offered an un-painted cherry wood model, and is a must-have for the purveyors of fine grain. KAIZEN FEATURES: Traditional Assembly Dense Cherry Wood Updated Ken Shape Widened Tama Bevel KAIZEN...
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The Sweet Auburn Kaizen has a beautiful rustic-brown tama reminiscent of fall leaves, cinnamon brooms, and apple pie. We only produced a limited supply, so get it while you can. The all-cherry models have been popular because the denser wood is perfect for the player who enjoys a heavier Kendama. Our semi-glossed translucent paint plays...
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Great for the player looking for a weighty feel and a rich clack sound.  Coupled with the Cherry wood ken, this silky smooth white is a pure delight. The White Silk & Cherry Kaizen Kendama is one of the classiest combinations in our collection.  KAIZEN FEATURES: Traditional Assembly Dense Cherry...


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