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Get all 5 Nano Kendamas in one amazing bundle! Nano kendamas are the smallest playable kendamas in the world. Choose to play this challenging toy to or use them as gifts, ornaments, stocking stuffers, and more.  Nano kendamas are ~2" tall not to be confused with standard sized competition models.
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Upgrade & personalize your Kendama setup with the string aid bundle from Kendama USA. Each String Aid bundle includes one kendama bearing, bead, black string, and one string of your choosing.
$24.99 $34.99
Great for anyone who likes to mix and match their string colors with their Kendama setups. This bundle comes with all the best Kendama strings & essentials. Each restringing bundle comes with: 1 - Kendama USA 10 Multi-color String Pack 1 - Ozora 7 Color String Pack 1 - Kendama...
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If your string is tangling up and then try replacing your striing and bead with our Kendama bearings. These Kendama bead replacements will prevent your string from twisting up during play, improving the overall playability and enjoyability of your Kendama.   Each Kendama USA Kendama Bearing comes professionally packaged with...
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Stringing and re-stringing Kendamas just got a whole lot easier! Our Kendama re-stringing tools will help you thread any Kendama.  Spend less time stringing and more time playing! Shred Resistant Effectively threads string through any string hole; tama, sarado, ken, wormholes etc... Each package contains 10 Kendama Re-Stringing Tools
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Although most of our Kendamas ship with a replacement string in the package, sometimes they wear out and you need extras. When re-stringing your Kendama, it is helpful to have a little extra slack so you can tie your knot at your desired length and snip the excess. Because of...
First-ever colored replacement Kendama strings are available now from Kendama USA. Same high-quality string material in 10 fresh color styles to customize your dama setup. The ends are stiffened to make re-stringing a breeze, and 10 beads are also included. Add some flavor to your Kendama today. Individual Kendama String...
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$29.99 $39.96
Start your Kendama journey with this classy bundle. Get two Kendamas for the price of one. Keep them both or play with a friend.  1 Kendama USA Kaizen Half Split Nova Red 1 Tribute Kendama - Mini - Red 1 Kendama USA Bearing 1 Replacement Orange String
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$17.99 $36.95
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Our beginner kendama bundle is the best way for anyone to get into kendama.  Grab one for yourself or gift this a friend you want to introduce to the sport. Tribute kendamas are lightweight, durable, and feature fixed cups so you can focus on landing tricks.  We've included two matching...
$19.99 $29.97
These pocket-sized mini kendamas are great for on-the-go play and perfect for getting friends into kendama. This fun-sized bundle includes three amazing kendamas for one great price! Great for players of all ages and skill levels. The mini kendamas are approximately six inches tall (6") and a perfect size to go anywhere...
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$12.99 $14.99
This bundle features three of our red muslin kendama bags at a discount! Each bag is made of dyed cotton and features the word kendama in hiragana on the front of the pouches and the Kendama USA logo and link on the other.
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$19.99 $24.99
Have you leveled-up and take your dama wherever you go? We've got just the thing for you. A great deal on a quality bundle of gear that keeps you progressing in Kendama. If you, a friend or family member are into Kendama, this curated intermediate bundle is the perfect buy. This...
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The summer heat doesn't compare to this 🔥 deal. Get a Kendama USA Kaizen Kendama and a Krom pop plus extras in this limited bundle! Play with a friend or get someone new into Kendama today! What's Included: 1 Kendama USA Half Split Nova - Orange 1 Krom - Pop...
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Our deal of the day Kendama bundle is a great way to get an amazing deal on top quality Kendamas, accessories, & more. Deals change frequently so bookmark this page and check back often. Today's deal includes: 1 - Krom Kendama - POP - Green 1 - Kendama USA - Strap 1 -...
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The Kendama prep kit bundle always comes in handy when you want to refresh your setup. Whether you are playing with a fresh kendama or your favorite jammer, this bundle will make re-stringing or updating a cinch! Our Kendama prep kit bundle includes 10 different color strings that you can use to...


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