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Introducing the KROM STROGO New York City Cab! This version of the STROGO Kendama series is inspired by the unmistakable yellow cab services in the city that never sleeps; NYC!  This clean look and playability make for a combination that will take your trick level sky-high. Specs: KROM BL KenBeech...
Quick look
The Nobu Nori Pro Model, aka #LILMATCH mod, is as refreshing as it is honed. This Kendama features a crisp yellow and blue wave around the tama inspired by one of Nobu’s favorite soft drinks in his home country, Japan. There is also a white dot on top of the...
Quick look
The Kaizen Dash series is built for tracking. The slim shape ken is unbelievably honed and was designed by the Kendama USA team for modern play style, durability, and control. The Glow features a volt yellow base paint with powder blue tracking lines and matching spotter dot on top. The natural wood grain...
Quick look
The Kaizen Dash series is built for tracking. The slim shape ken is unbelievably honed and was designed by the Kendama USA team for modern play style, durability, and control. The Soar features a smokey blue-grey base paint with yellow tracking lines and spotter dot on top. Natural wood grain visible around the...
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$24.99 $29.99
The Kaizen Tracer series is electric. Coated in our Kaizen super stick paint, the Tracers are designed to track and trace everything. The tama has three distinct tracking points. The top spotter, two bands circling the bevel, and cut in half with a classic half-split design around the center of...
Quick look
The Craft Crimson features a half split design with a blushing white and burgundy silk tama that will anchor your tricks time and time again. Available on either Slim or Shift shapes the rich color and contrast provides a constant broadcast of the bevel's position. Pair this amazing tama with...
Keep your tricks dialed in and on point with the Wasp from Craft Kendama. Available on either Slim or Shift shapes, the Wasp tama is covered in our updated super sticky paint. This setup has just the right amount of tack to assist in landing those balance tricks without toppling the ken. The highly visible yellow tama...
Go for it! The Kaizen Super Stick Halos are ready for everything. Their bright yellow Halo tracking line circling the blue tamas speaks for itself. Easy to see, easy to track, and dipped in Kaizen super stick paint for total control. The Kaizen paint allows you to catch and release...
Quick look
The Kaizen SKY Kendama is designed to take your tricks to new heights. We've paired the SKY with a Kaizen Shift shape ken and silk sky blue painted tama to maximize its grip and playability. Two yellow beams of sunlight dance around the sky blue tama's 70/30 mark for added tracking.  Product...
Quick look
Shine hard with the SUN from Kendama USA. The smooth yellow Kaizen paint keeps all of your tricks close and under control. Lock-in stalls and track your play with the two blue 70/30 bands around the bevel! Paired with the Shift shape ken, this Kendama is ready to rip. Product...
Quick look
Power through your Kendama trick list with the Panther Craft Color Kendama. This keen colorway features our updated Kaizen super stick paint. Vivid yellow and pink stripes circle the sleek midnight blue tama. This colorway will help you track, focus, and stick every landing. Limited availability, so get one while supplies last!...
$29.99 $54.96
Our deal of the day kendama bundle is a great way to get an amazing deal on top quality Kendamas, accessories, & more. Deals change frequently so bookmark this page and check back often. Today's deal features:  Amarillo Bundle 1 - Kendama USA - Kaizen - Silk - Sun 1 -...
Quick look
Look out! 👀 This canary yellow 70/30 split design keeps your eyes focused. Separated by a stark black stripe, the bevel is highlighted in cardinal red so positioning of tricks is easy. Landing tricks have never been easier with our updated Kaizen silk paint. Keep a birds-eye view on all of your...
Quick look
There is no mistaking the Cardinal. This high visibility tama is painted with our updated kaizen silk paint. It features a smooth cardinal red tama with a distinct black band separating the yellow paint near the tama hole. Branch out with the Flip Series from Kendama USA. Get yours today and...
Quick look
The Charrrss (long for Charles) is fresh. A tacky pine green tama with red and yellow tracking stripes that will keep you playing longer! The Kaizen Super Stick paint will grab tricks and hold on to them until you’re ready to land. Limited availability, so get one while supplies last!...
The Kaizen Dash series is built for tracking. The Shift Shape Ken is unbelievably honed and was designed by the Kendama USA team for modern play style, durability, and control. The Charged tama features a yellow base paint with a black spotter dot on top, two black tracking lines circling the center, and...
Quick look
$27.99 $59.97
Stand out from the crowd and to your collection! The eye-popping, show-stopping neon paint gives your kendama a fluorescent flavor that is hard to miss. These vivid beauties are easy to see in any environment. The stark contrast between the bright paint and hole makes tracking a cinch. Grab your...
Quick look
$24.99 $29.99
This Kaizen Slim features a trip split tama design coated with our finest silk paint.  This paint is tacky enough to help you grab your tricks right out of the air, and slippery enough to adjust with ease.  The sleek shape of the Slim ken is designed for modern play...
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$24.99 $29.99
The Kaizen Penguin Kendama features a triple split tama design coated with our tacky silk paint.  This paint is sticky enough to help you grab your tricks right out of the air and slippery enough to allow for adjustments without toppling the ken. The sleek shape of the Slim ken is designed...
Quick look
The Citrus Kaizen Shift Kendama features a semi half-split design with yellow and white halves separated by a green halo. Painted with KUSA’s NEW silk paint this tama has a smooth & robust feel right out of the box. It provides just the right amount of stick so you can...
Quick look
This Craft Kendama features our new SHIFT shape designed by the KUSA Team for modern play and engineered for maximum performance.  We have redefined our shape to bring you a Kendama unmatched in its playability. Craft Kendamas are exceptional on so many levels. These are NOT mass produced products from overseas. Every single Craft...
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Kururin™ is a fun Japanese desktop game that challenges creativity, precision, and hand eye coordination.  Take it anywhere and start rolling!  
Quick look
Kururin™ is a fun Japanese desktop game that challenges creativity, precision, and hand eye coordination.  Take it anywhere and start rolling!  
Quick look
Our Kururin replacement pads will not only make your Kururin stylish but it also adds just the right amount of grip to surfaces. Allowing you to roll and dribble the fidget stick with ease! Each package contains 5 pairs of replacement pads in various colors. Included: 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Yellow,...
Quick look
Two Kururins are better than one! Increase the difficulty of tricks and unlock new ones by adding another Kururin to the mix. Each Kururin has gel pads on each end that helps the Kururin stick to surfaces and help you land more tricks. Now available in a newly updated shape and in...
$24.99 $34.99
The Wyatt Bray Pro Model is inspired by one of Wyatt's great passions; comic books. The updated #BrayMod is made from maple wood and features a blue & yellow triple stripe tama. The ken features custom designs including a half-tone pattern along the handle, a COTK engraving in the cup, a mini triple...
Quick look
3-Pack of SlayBands. Bring your game to the next level with SlayBands! These grip fueled bands fit over the cups or sarado of standard sized kendamas. SlayBands add just a little extra "oomph" where you need it most. They also provide protection, grip for birds and stilts, and improve tracking of the...
This yinzer inspired black & yellow tee will never get old. This sick color combination features the word "Kaizen" in Japanese, get yours and do it big!  50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Tear-away tag
Represent the sport we all love with this sleek minimalistic kendama tee. The t-shit features an original kendama font graphic in teal and yellow. 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Tear-away tag  
$17.99 $34.99
The all new Altid Altid from KROM spells it out for everyone, play Kendama forever!Featuring a gray and orange 70/30 split and tacky rubberized paint, the Altid Altid will keep you in style as well. Each Altid Altid comes with an extra string, stringing tool and sticker  
Quick look
$17.99 $24.99
We've taken our favorite color combo's and combined them into these fresh new Half-Split tamas. The popular silk paint has been brought back and spiced up! Flatter than the originals, the matte Silks have great tackiness while allowing just enough room for small adjustments during balance tricks. The Silk style...
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Our kendama strings have been the choice of champions and players the world over for over a decade. Choose from over 10 bold colors to style, personalize and instantly upgrade your kendama setup no matter the brand. Why Kendama USA Strings? Our strings are made from a unique & high-quality...
At Kendama USA we are continuously developing and testing new painting techniques and styles. The Super Stick is another level of progression we are excited to offer. The tama is much tackier than our standard competition gloss paint, making it perfect for learning high level technical tricks. Practice on these...
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Neons for eons. These additions to the Tribute family really stand out from the crowd - and your collection! The eye-popping, show-stopping Neon paint gives your dama a fluorescent flavor that is hard to miss. Grab one today! Every Tribute Kendama comes in professional packaging, and includes an instruction manual,...
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$9.99 $17.99
Check out our collection of metallic mini Kendamas from SunRise. These mini Kendamas are great for the younger players with smaller hands, or for the advanced players who want a new challenge. The pocket models are 16cm tall, and a perfect size to go anywhere that you do.
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$14.99 $26.99
The Ozora 5 cup Kendama adds all sorts of new tricks to your Kendama vocabulary by adding a 2nd crosspiece, or "sarado". Another great accessory to your Kendama collection, choose your color below. *We recommend tying an extra secure knot in your 5-cup Kendama string before playing.
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$14.99 $44.99
The KROM Deluxe walnut & rubberwood series consists of a few of the most breathtaking color combos. They are of course all crafted from the highest grade of premium hardwoods for super performance and durability. The heavier corewood walnut matches the rubberwood extremely well and the two perform together like...
Quick look
$24.99 $53.97
Here is the perfect opportunity to get a grip of colorful kendamas for you and your squad! Get 3 Half Split Tribute Kendamas for one low price! The paint is even stickier than the originals, these matte Silks have great tackiness while allowing room for small adjustments during balance tricks. The...
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Out of Stock
KROM Pop Kendamas feature a silk painted 70/30 design, larger cups, and slimmer spikes. They are standard size Kendamas standing at 7" tall. Each pop comes with an extra white string & stickers and is professionally packaged.
Out of Stock
This Kaizen Slim features two 70/30 lines, a tracking spot, and is coated with our finest silk paint. This paint is tacky enough to help you grab your tricks right out of the air, and slippery enough to adjust with ease. The sleek shape of the Slim ken is designed...
Out of Stock
Dama Straps are designed to securely hold your Kendama wherever you go. Each Dama Strap features a metal clip that can be used to fasten your Kendama to your belt loop or bag.  Our Kendama holsters are stylish and made of a durable heavy-duty polyester.  Additionally, the Dama strap doubles as...
Out of Stock
Kururin ® is a fun Japanese desktop game that challenges eye-hand coordination, dexterity, and creativity.  Kururin is the original rolling fidget stick and is a fun way to relieve stress and anxiety. Not to mention you get the added benefit of fine-tuning your motor skills. 💪 Take it everywhere and play anywhere! Kururins...
Out of Stock
Ay mon! Featuring the most chill pill around, the Rasta Silk. This trip split color way was inspired by our Tribute Rasta Kendama and the many requests we received for it. Our popular silk paint have a great tackiness that allows for small adjustments during balance tricks. The Silk style paint is...