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Halloween Bundle
Isaiah Casto (San Jose, US)
It was amazing

I loved it as usual I've only had good things from ya'll! All of it is amazing quality keep up the awesome work!!


Walnut awesome

I highly recommend this kendama, walnut natty Tama on a walnut ken, grip is awesome, absorbs some vibration and has a nice clack note

Ken Only - Craft - Luna Shape - Hickory
ryan ehrick (LaPorte, US)
Lunar machine

I absolutely love this ken, hickory is awesome, a must have!

Spliced Jet kens!

KUSA Jet shape is one of my favorite kendamas. Maple feels very solid and the spliced sarado looks great!

An amazing deal for the product you get at the price! Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting a decent dama and especially to try out a pill.

High quality stuff right here! This is my first Hickory ken, and I am thoroughly impressed. Also, the maple Rhino Clear tama made by Kendama Israel is, in my opinion, the best in the market right now 🙌

Nice, high quality

I love the feel of it and the bag it comes with is really neat. The paint finish is nice.

Beginner Kendama Bundle
Steph (Denver, US)
Great gift for a beginner

I got the beginner bundle for my partner. They liked the colors and the sticky texture of the ken. I loved the little bag and the stickers that came with it. Great gift 🤩

Unbelievable Craftsmanship

I have never played a walnut setup quite as beautiful as this puppy right here. The grain on both the tama and the ken are so pronounced that it makes it one of the best playable natty’s on the market. Stalls are some of my favorite tricks, and this setup is in the upper echelon of lacing any and all stall tricks! One of my favorite purchases from the Craft shop I’ve purchased by far!

Craft X KISR Collab - Luna Shape
Damien Tuttle (Providence, US)


Craft x 365 Kendama Collab
T.D. (Edmonton, CA)
Balanced, Slapper of Lunez and Super fun too Sesh!

Bro, this Kendama is balanced and crafted to perfection. I was a little hesitant only because of the color.
Blue isn't really a go too color for me but the Tama design is absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight. The attention to detail is amazing. The tracking is unreal thanks too the design! That gold tracking dot is the cherry on top with this set up! 👀

The Fusion shape is super comfortable in the hand, light weight, the bevel is much bigger and deep. The size is a little smaller compared to the Sweets amped shape or the KUSA jet shape. (Height wise) But does not take away from the playability! Also the slings are locked in as well as late ken flips are achieved with such ease. 🙌

The bevel is a little wider and much deeper making the juggle to spikes easier but also not taking away from the stalls either.
Straight out of the bag the Birds / Under Birds / Handle Stalls and Stilts / Axe just lock right in. And after playing it for over two months the bevel is breaking in super nice and consistent.

Also the Base cup hole is HUGE! Making this an beast for Lunars. I landed for the first time a 123 Inward Lunar flip line with ease.
The cups are just perfect too. Everything from juggle to light house to warming up for a sesh is dialed in.

This is my first "Craft" from KUSA and the quality of this kendama is amazing.

If your considering this KUSA Craft x 365Kendama collab you will NOT be disappointed!! 🔥💯🤯
Such a great purchase and over all a really fun kendama too play with and a solid addition to your collection.

Send It!! 🤙

Hey Troy! We're so stoked that you love your first Craft kendama. Kendama is our passion as well as our craft and it shows in our products. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a stellar review. We’re grateful to have you as a valued customer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else we can assist you with.
~Much Respect

Kaizen Kendama Drawstring Bag - Teal

Kaizen Dart - Jet Shape
Adam (Charlotte, US)
All good

Good product, good price, well packaged, and quickly shipped

Hey Adam, we truly appreciate your business and your valuable feedback. Making Kendama players happy is what drives us!

KUSA Fall Kendama Bundle
Michael Andrade (Worcester, US)
Great kendamas

Played a lot as a teen. Bought these to show my partner that I live with how to play. It's fun teaching her and I probably would not have purchased 2 kendamas if the deal wasn't so economical. They're both different Ken, so you get to experiment a little. Awesome quality for both, KUSA paint is very sticky. I get to sharpen up my lunar landings while my partners just got her first spike. Will be looking for more of these 2 packs :) highly recommended

Hey Michael! Welcome back to kendama and much respect for getting another person into it as well! Thanks for taking the time to leave us some feedback and we hope you both continue to enjoy your kendamas!

Kaizen Half Split - JET Shape - Red & White
Myles Magnusson (Columbus, US)

Pristine quality I appreciate it a lot thanks Love the packaging thanks for stickers!!

Joe Nelson Pro Model - Jet Shape - #NELLYMOD
Hayley Lanning (Charlotte, US)

This is hands down my most favorite kendama. I absolutely love the Ken shape, chunky and I love the thick cups. The silk tama coating is absolutely obsessive. I can’t wait to own more!!!!! But what really caught me on this mod was the paint job very subtle but has a message just from the look. 🤙💯🫶🤞

Awesome strings!

Stocked up on xtra-long dama strings and classic Ozora strings. String tools are great too for those tough to restring damas (or if you have a beat up string you are trying to reuse. Fast ship and great prices.

Hey Chris thanks for the stellar review! Those restringing tools are definitely come in handy we use them everyday here! Even though the Ozora strings are classic length the rich colors just pop no matter the setup.

Kaizen Natural - Nova Shape - Complete
Grace Robinson (Portland, US)
I Love my new KenDama

My order arrived promptly. It was in perfect condition. I'm enjoying learning this new skill

Thanks for taking the time to leave us some feedback! We take great care in packing customer orders and make sure they arrive quickly & safely! Thanks again for your support and we hope you have fun with your first kendama!

Be sure and check out our YouTube tutorials:

Kaizen Dart - Jet Shape
Connor Simpson (Clearwater, US)

Kaizen Dart - Jet Shape

My son thinks this is the greatest thing ever! We love it!

Great looking and feeling Kendama. Good Quality for sure.