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Joe Nelson Pro Model - Jet Shape - #NELLYMOD 🌸

My grandson loved it

Great for the price

Really good kendama for beginners. Really good and durable. Amazing starter kendama.

Nice Dama got it on the sale for good price. Tracking is great on it .

awesome kendama! stick is on point and the colors for tracking are perfect

awesome kendama! stick is on point and the colors for tracking are perfect.

KUSA Summertime Kendama Bundle
Miguel Alejandro Duran (Santo Domingo, DO)

Awesome construction.

love it

i love how light the ken is, and the extra strings come in handy. Great kendama, Definitely would recommend to others

Tama Only - Kaizen Jet - Beech
alissa decoteau (Columbia, US)
THEE Perfect Canvas

Great tama for artists in the community. Weights are decent and the bevel is huge. A very nice tama and beech is classic! 🔥

Deal of the Day Bundle
Kortney Little (Midvale, US)

Wasn't sure what model to get for my son
This was a great deal and option
He loved it.


The weights just right and tricks come so much easier

Kaizen - Tribe Mod - Luna Shape - Doom
Eli.S (QvutsatYavne, IL)
Great all around Kendama

This Kendama is everything you expect from a good Kendama, great weight balance, great weight, smooth finish, real sticky paint and the bamboo is great for stalls. It even came with a perfect string length (at least for me)

hello from thailand

birch jet was one of my favorite from my purchased, it was light, soft and jet shape was a bit big but combine with light birch it really give me an easy-to-hold feel, really soft in hand. i would even say it feel like balsa LOL


I am very bad at kendama but with this kendama I am not so bad at kendama

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Kaizen Origami - Jet Shape - Silk - White & Red
Sam Kuhn (Colorado Springs, US)
Best Kendama Ever!

Not only is this Kendama absolutely beautiful with the bamboo wood pattern but it is also the best feeling Kendama we have ever played with. It has the perfect weight and sizes of cups and spike. I’m so happy with this purchase. A little expensive but worth it.

Deal of the Day Bundle
mummummummum (Bangkok, TH)
My Deal of the day is pill and natty luna

The natty series is literally wild, it offer a great playability and with the super clean set up, I do paint my own Ken and just abuse the tama until I need to recoat it so I will paint it the way I want.

IMO I highly recommend checking deal of the day often, some super great deal do come often.

Kaizen Natural - Luna Shape - Birch
Alexander Tran (Corpus Christi, US)
Great Shape

Great all around shape. Not super big, but can do all the tricks. All wood design is beautiful, love seshin this mod

The Saga shape is fantastic

The first thing that stood out to me about Kendama USA's Saga shape is its classic looks. I have played the Jet shape (I'm a fan) and compared with the Jet, the Saga's cup diameters are basically the same. However, the thickness of the stall points (cup rims) on the Saga are a few millimeters narrower. The ring is wider on the Saga and it is a little bit shorter in the sword. The base cup hole is a little bit deeper compared with the Jet's. The Saga is a solid all around shape and it lunars even better than the Jet. I think the Saga feels more balanced (better proportioned) compared to the Luna. I am happy that the Saga shape comes in birch because I very much enjoy a birch wood setup. I hope KUSA decides to bring the Saga to their kaizen line because it is a fantastic shape.

Kaizen Natural - Luna Shape - Birch
Zachary Dilloway (Sheridan, US)
Very Suprised!

First time birch on birch and first time trying the Luna shape. Very light, very fun. Easy lunars no paint needed and if you like axes/underbirds this mod is for you, tama locks in between the big cup rim and ring stall; I would recommend playing this on a humid/ rainy day for maximum fun. Ken flipping feels natural with juggles as well. New favorite shape, good work KUSA!

Craft Kendama - The Cascade Shape
Dryden Sutcliffe (Washington, US)
This kendama got me into juggling

Thank you so much Lisa Komatsubara, juggling has changed my life. 🙏

Super honed, hella fun

Love the Luna shape! Been wanting to try one since they released and it absolutely did not disappoint.

Kendama Drawstring Bag - Triple Pack
victor karm (Atlanta, US)

Products are amazing!!

Great customer service

This was a gift to my son. He loves it! I accidentally submitted the wrong address for delivery and the CS team was quick to respond and fix my mistake. Delivery was much faster than expected as well!

Terra Pill - Midsize Bamboo
B.L. (Birmingham, US)
Epic Product

I didn’t notice until I opened the box that the Midsize Pill is a bit larger than the slightly more portable “OG” size. I love the Pill design and I find myself picking this up more than my Krom CrayZebra Kendama I’ve had for years, but I’ve now been searching for an OG sized cherry wood pill since I realized there’s a decent size difference yet I’ve had no luck. Not sure if custom orders are an option but I’d LOVE a fresh one. Either way I’m glad I could order through you guys and I’m very happy with my purchase. ❤️

Love ken usa thx for the sweet things yall are doing

it wont jump when i huck it at the ground

i love it

Hey Hagel, thanks for the 5 star review! While we understand the 'hucking' of kendamas after a major lace or miss, we do recommend playing over soft surfaces to ensure the longevity of your kendama.