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Kaizen Toucan v2 - Nova Shape
Joseph S (Wilmington, US)
Great Product

Well made, great design, enjoy playing and learning new tricks with it!

Just buy it!

The Nova shape feels amazing, this ken is perfect for lighthouses & lunars! Very nice beech set up. Just buy one. The tracking on it is amazing, and it comes with a very nice silky threaded string! The ramen patterns alone give it that Vibe when your seshing.

Kaizen Tracer - Nova Shape - Frost
Jacob Foutz (Bountiful, US)
Gotta love it

I’ve been out of it for 6 years and to get back into Kendra a with this and the Haley Bishoff models are amazing! They have a great feel and are amazing kens!

These strings are about 1.2mm in thickness if I had to guess. Got them without knowing how thick they'd be and after comparing it to others I have 1.2mm seems accurate.

KUSA x Takana Kendama Collab - Inca Gods
Chris (West Palm Beach, US)

One of my favorite kens with all the great designs and touches of color. The shape is great for play too! Love this thing!

Deal of the Day Bundle
Christian Ryan (Brooklyn, US)
Great deal! Great Damas! Love you guys


Kendama String Pack - 10 Strings -53cm
Erik Berge (Bountiful, US)
Great service...

Timely service, good strings. Thank you!

Carson Nadeau (Etobicoke, CA)

Everywhere I go with this one it turns heads. People really love the design.

My came perfect can’t wait to shred this

Kendama Duffel Bag
Lost_soul_yoda_420 (Ann Arbor, US)
I can fit everything in here!!

Bag is great. As title says I can pack everything in this bag instead of needing a suitcase and book bag. Of course the dama holders are a great little extra!

Craft - Ken Only
Quinn Ritter (Johnstown, US)
Great so far!

The birch was a little rough/raw at first, but with some play it smoothed out nicely. I glued the tip and it has been working great since then!

Many Compliments

So many people notice the new dama right away! I love it, it's been fun to play with a silk tama!!

KUSA x Takana Kendama Collab - Inca Gods
R.B. (Colorado Springs, US)
****' A

This was my very first kendama and it helped me learn and grow within months. I love it and would recommend.

Deal of the Day Bundle
Jose Cuevas (Dinuba, US)
Ken bundle


Kaizen Toucan v2 - Nova Shape
S.S. (East Peoria, US)
Love the shape and tama design, spike super short tho

As the title says, the Nova shape plays amazing. I love the tama design and the designs on the ken. The only issue is the spike came super short and the sarado sat up way too high. It was hard to play. After sanding down the ken where the sarado sits, it’s plays MUCH better. Still giving it 5 stars though!

Obsessed With The Pill

I find myself picking up the Terra Pill 💊 over my kendamas constantly. It's so fun to mess with. I'd love one of every size if that was available.

Great dama!

Perfect tackiness

Deal of the Day Bundle
Wendy Linscheid (Pocatello, US)
I love this!

Thank you and I love everything that I received!

KUSA x Takana Kendama Collab - Inca Gods
Scott D Shinkle (Greenland, US)
Great one...

Ball is very sticky and lightweight

Enjoying it so far...

1st time with the nova shape and it's good for the most part. KUSA Silk has been my favorite paint and it's the 1st time in a while I played it when it's fresh compered to my old 2018-2019 stock silks I just played recently. Definitely would get one again soon

(P.S. Please bring back Some Pro Mod V1s, especially Nobu and Bish mods)

Epic review

Madly sick the flow is great and I can land all of my hardest tricks. 10/10 highly recommend to all players!!!

The best starter

This was my first dama I’ve ordered & I was so surprised with the shape . It’s feels so nice , the cups are just the right size , the weight is on the lighter side which glides ken flips . Love the feel of the ken and the silk paint is really nice . After time , it will get beat up but that’s why you order another one 🤘😏😂

Craft Fun Fetti - Spectra - Nova Shape
Dylan Neville (Cedar City, US)
cant wait for mine to arrive

awesome patterns, I am so stoked to show this ken off

Craft Fun Fetti - Spectra - Nova Shape
Teddy Werp (Franklin, US)

This looks fun. Great colors, the Ken feels great, everything is great no worries here. Fantastic scheme. Might have to buy another :)

Kaizen Tracer - Nova Shape - Helix
Newfie Dave (Mount Moriah, CA)
Beautiful Piece

Love it, the Nova shape slaps perfectly with that Kaizen Tracer. Would definitely recommend ❤️🇨🇦🇺🇸💚


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