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Atlanta Toymaker Kendama USA Receives Parents' Choice Award


Atlanta Toymaker Kendama USA Receives Parents' Choice Award

Marietta, Georgia - October 17, 2016 - Kendama USA is proud to announce that the Parents' Choice Foundation has awarded them with a Parents' Choice Award for their TJ Kolesnik Pro Model Kendama; a modern and beautifully crafted take on the classic cup and ball game.

Kendama USA has a wide variety of these beautiful toys, created from different woods and finishes, with wooden balls painted in many different colors to add individuality and interest to the toys. Each toy is sold with an instruction booklet, replacement string and bead and stickers.

While the cup and ball game we played as children really just had the one move - try to catch the ball in the cup - Kendama is a game that originated in Japan. The ken, or handle, has two cups and a spike, enabling the player to strike the tama, or ball, in a variety of different ways to create moves and effects. Mastering Kendama is said to take patience, creativity, and focus. The included instruction guide shows basic moves and grips, but also delves into more complicated, advanced moves, allowing new users to experiment at their comfort level, and beyond.

Kendama USA also offers a variety of custom designs, color fades, and specialized strings that can help the user achieve different skill levels. Other wooden toys are also available at Kendama USA's website.

Products awarded a Parents' Choice Award Seal are chosen from households around the country, and judges who are experts in their area carefully consider each item to determine what will best serve children. The Parents' Choice Foundation looks to choose products that help children learn in a fun, engaging manner. For more information about the Parents' Choice Foundation, visit


Kendama USA is America's original and most trusted Kendama company. The company pioneered the Kendama scene here in the United States, and has helped share this amazing game across the globe. Continual self-improvement, innovation, & quality are at the core of Kendama USA and can be seen not only in their products but their support of schools, clubs, events and countless other efforts to enrich the Kendama community.

For more information about Kendama USA, visit their website at


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