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We are constantly busy creating fresh styles and improving our product lines. Check back here often to find the latest and greatest Kendama products. 

We're excited for this limited edition collab between Kendama USA and Scarce Kendamas.  Scarce designed these beautiful flower designs on a 62mm tama with a 70/30 split, and paired each one with a Kaizen Jet Shape Ken.  They're strung with hand dyed Scarce Strings for a unique and stylish setup. ...
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Vibrant hues resembling land and sea were fused together to create this beautiful Craft Lagoon Kendama. Each piece is carefully handcrafted using dyed slabs of the finest FSC certified birch wood here in the Craft shop. It's strung with an orange string and bearing to pair perfectly with the blue, green, and orange tones...
The Helix is a vivid and extremely trackable Kendama. The bright pink and blue Tracer design is coated in our Silk paint and has three distinct tracking points: the top spotter, two bands circling the bevel, and a classic split at the center of the ball.   This Kendama features an all-Maple setup on our Nova Shape...
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$99.99 $124.99
Kendama USA and Sol teamed up to create a very limited edition collab shape & made specially at Craft! The Parks & Rec Tour Kendama features a new Parks shape Ken with a customized 63mm tama made of beech wood. The ball's design features beautiful night sky colors and a green mountain graphic near the bevel. A white...
$33.99 $46.94
DEAL OF THE DAY Our deal of the day Kendama bundle is a great way to get an amazing deal on top quality Kendamas, accessories, & more. Deals change frequently so bookmark this page and check back often. Today's deal incudes: 1 - Kendama USA - Kaizen Tracer - Frost - (Silk) 1...
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Discover Kendama with Kaizen Half Split Kendamas! The perfect choice for the player who is looking for an affordable Kendama, but isn't willing to sacrifice playability. Designed for pro playability at an entry-level price, this bold and beautiful blue Kendama is a great option if you’re a beginner shopping for...
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Kaizen Half Splits are designed for Pro level playability at an entry-level price. This light blue and white half-split design has been updated with tracking elements including a white top dot on the tama and an engraving on the rim of the big cup. The matching sky blue string is extra long...
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$31.49 $44.99
The Logan Tosta pro model kendama will help your tricks take flight like never before. This university blue and varsity red tama is inspired by after Logan's favorite team jersey; the Sactown Kings, as well as his passions for basketball and kendama. The tama features a dashed white free-throw circle that...
$26.99 $44.99
Stabilize your flow and lace more tricks with Kaizen Corals from Kendama USA. This unique Kendama features a vivid purple and aqua coral patterned tama with yellow and white wave stripes to optimize tracking.  It's coated with our Kaizen super stick paint to give you just the right amount of grip and slip. The tama sits on a...
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$23.99 $44.99
Land kendama tricks from any angle with the Kaizen Hex. This unique kendama features wild geometric accents and bold colors. This awesome aqua & multicolored tama is coated with our Kaizen super stick paint to give you just the right amount of grip and slip. We've paired it with a...
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$24.49 $34.99
The Frost is the perfect choice for cold-blooded slayers looking for an icy setup. The Kaizen Tracer tama design is coated in our Silk paint and has three distinct tracking points: the top spotter, two bands circling the bevel, and a classic split at the center of the ball.  This Kendama features an...
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$20.99 $29.99
The Kaizen Dash Series is built for tracking. The NOVA Shape ken is robust and unbelievably honed. Designed by the Kendama USA team for modern play style, durability, and control, the Rally tama features a bold blue base with a white spotter dot on top, two white tracking lines circling the...
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We've teamed up with our friends in Ecuador's Kendama Community (@takana.kendama) to bring you this Incan-themed Kendama. The Ecuadorian Kendama scene has been actively growing and we couldn’t be more proud to collab with them! This Kendama is made from maple wood and covered with symbolic and artistic features. Ecuador is in the...
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Kendama USA and talented bay area artist Dylan Caldwell have teamed up to bring you this limited edition run of collaborative Craft X Scarce Kendamas. Each hand-painted masterpiece features a unique design on a Craft jet tama with a 70/30 split, and we've paired each one with a maple Craft Jet...
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Kendama USA and Scarce teamed up to bring you this limited edition batch of hand painted Kendamas. Each custom masterpiece features unique artwork on a 70/30 split Tama, coated with Quad Clear. We've paired each one with a maple Craft Jet Shape Ken. Each piece has been weight matched within 5...


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