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"All four of these Kendama's were chosen for weight, playability, and fit so well to my style of play. I hope this works just as well for you. SHCL.

Tiger's Eye Kaizen -  The light weight of sassafras tama allows you to finesse your control and place the hole where you need it to sit wether you were going for grip switches or any perches. This weight matched with the lighter weight of birch also allows you to throw multiple revolutions of UFOS and J-Sticks. 

Dream Dama The dream Kendama is designed to remind players that any goal, challenge, or dream is attainable. I picked the colors; purple and deep ruby, because they are the two most common colors you see while dreaming. Coloration from the padauk sarado gives you a good sense of where your spike is located when going for things like multiple J-sticks, Ufo’s or Whirlwinds and gives great weight balance for all you lunar lovers.

Keyaki Ozora - The Keyaki kendama was my first Kendama I have ever purchase from Kendamausa and to this day one of the best all around Kendamas I have ever played. Ive taken this ken and matched it with the tribute red and white half split, as well as EVERY color translucent Sassafras tama. When matched be ready for some of the meanest bird dama setups you've ever had after break- in. 

 Ghost Silk Kaizen - Straight out of the box the ghost silk Kaizen is tuned to playability. Any where from Birds, Stilts, Lunars and Light Houses. Silk paint provides great grip for any tech balance trick and is still forgiving if you are in need to chase. You can never go wrong with having a fresh natural looking Kendama."

- Dave Mateo


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