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1. Colin Sander Pro Model




- The CCS pro model tama has an easily recognizable triple colored tama ball to catch when airborne, while the cups have engraving for tracking. This really helps when the eyes needs to dial in and focus for different tricks! The tama hole on the CCS v4 pro model is also slightly wider! This is perfect for birds, stilts, stalls, and any other variation of balance required tricks. Red on top means stop, calming blue in the middle, and green around the tama hole means go. SPIKE! Colin pro v4-4eva! 






2. KenUSA Classic - Natural 




-The classic kendamas from kendama USA are a little more slim, but mighty and durable like a Tk16 master. They are great for gunslingers, Yourd spins, and any trick that you want to incorporate the sarado  into. The natural wood also allows oils and sweat from hands to seep in creating an even more natural tack for upper lever tricks!






3. Black and Yellow Half Split 




-The black and yellow half split is prefect for tracking spikes on the tama ball and ALSO a subtle "tribute" to my hometown of Pittsburgh when out n' about! Always a a fun kendama to play that will always remind me of home. 






4. Kendama USA String Pack




-The kendama USA string pack is smart, fun, and stylish. If you're string pops, lace on a new string. While you're at it, make it match the color of the tama! Win win-- kusa string packs 4L.




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