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$24.99 $44.97
Get 3 popular JKA Kendamas for 1 great price! These Kendamas are some of the most durable out there and play amazingly well. Great Value, get them while you can, offer valid while supplies last!Standard Size, Made in Japan, JKA Seals
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$47.97 $104.97
This Kendama bundle includes three beautiful & slay-worthy damas from KROM made from maple and walnut woods. These two hardwoods make for not only a durable and visually pleasing Kendama, but it also has a great sound that just adds to the satisfaction when landing tricks!  
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$24.99 $79.96
There is nothing like the sound of a bamboo Kendama! Bamboo wood is light and clacks loud when you play it. Try one out today and experience the satisfying sound of lacing your tricks on a bamboo kendama. Everybody will hear your tricks even if they aren’t watching! This is done by...
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$24.99 $79.96
Here is the perfect opportunity to get a grip of colorful kendamas for you and your squad! Get 4 Half Split Tribute Kendamas for one low price! The paint is even flatter than the originals, these matte Silks have great tackiness while allowing room for small adjustments during balance tricks. The...
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$24.99 $36.99
This is an ideal starting bundle for any new Kendama player. Tribute Kendamas are built tank tough, feature immovable cups and sport stripes for tracking. We've also included a book full of tricks that will level up your skills, a replacement string, and some fun Kendama erasers!
$44.99 $59.98
Our deal of the day bundle is a great way to get an amazing deal on top quality Kendamas, accessories, & more. Deals change frequently so bookmark this page and check back often. Today's deal features:  1 - Kaizen 3.0 - Shift Shape - Tracer - Dune 1 - Kaizen 3.0 - Shift...
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Have you leveled-up and take your dama wherever you go? We've got just the thing for you. A great deal on a quality bundle of gear that keeps you progressing in Kendama. If you, a friend or family member are into Kendama, this curated intermediate bundle is the perfect buy. This...
$12.99 $14.99
This bundle features three of our red muslin kendama bags at a discount! Each bag is made of dyed cotton and features the word kendama in hiragana on the front of the pouches and the Kendama USA logo and link on the other.
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Although most of our Kendamas ship with a replacement string in the package, sometimes they wear out and you need extras. When re-stringing your Kendama, it is helpful to have a little extra slack so you can tie your knot at your desired length and snip the excess. Because of...
$16.99 $32.98
This deal of the day bundle includes a natural pill and kaizen kendama.  Both made of beech wood.
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$59.99 $79.96
KROM Deluxe presents these beautiful Smoked versions of their Red Oak models. These super luxurious kendamas are crafted from the best 100% Canadian Red Oak. The high density of the red oak gives a great heavy feel to this model; a feature wanted by many advanced players. The new hand-sanding...
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The summer heat doesn't compare to this 🔥 deal. Get two KROM Kendamas and a holder for the price of one!  1 KROM POP Aqua Kendama 1 Green Krom Kendama Holder 1 KROM Altid Altid Kendama
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$24.99 $49.99
This stylish Kururin bundle includes 5 stormy designs in various colors. Bring any table to life by dancing these electrifying wonders.  Kururin is a fun Japanese desktop game that challenges creativity, precision, and hand eye coordination.  Take it anywhere and start rolling! Each Kururin is made of maple wood.
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$59.99 $108.99
These jaw-dropping premium sticky Ozora Kendamas are amazing to play and look great too. The paint provides a good amount of stick and slip and lasts. Each kendama is a limited edition colorway that will not be produced again. Available while supplies last.
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$17.84 $20.99
The Kendama prep kit bundle always comes in handy when you want to refresh your setup. Whether you are seshing with a fresh kendama or your favorite jammer, this bundle will make re-stringing or updating a cinch! Our Kendama prep kit bundle includes 10 different color strings that you can use to...
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Which do you select, the red pill or the blue pill? Actually, forget it. Here’s both! Try The Pill from our friends at Terra Kendama. If you enjoy satisfying spikes, endless spacewalk lines, tricky balances and creative tricks, then perhaps the pill is just what you've been craving. Great as...
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$29.99 $34.99
Great for anyone who likes to mix and match their string colors with their Kendama setups. This bundle comes with all the best Kendama strings & essentials. Each restringing bundle comes with: 1 - Kendama USA 10 Multi-color String Pack 1 - Ozora 7 Color String Pack 1 - Kendama...
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$24.99 $39.96
Bundle and save when you buy 4 Sunrise Mini Kendamas in  Red, Green, Blue, & Orange.  Mini Kendamas are a little smaller than your standard ones and are great for players with smaller hands, younger players or those just looking to get even more honed on a smaller dama.
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$19.99 $39.98
Buy One Get One Free with this bundle of two Jumbo Tribute Kendamas!These two beauties are a whopping 10" tall and are perfect for learning tricks, demoing and more! Get yours today and start jamming with a friend!
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$15.99 $29.97
Keys, phone, wallet…forgetting something? POCKET MINI KENDAMA! These mini kendamas are great for the younger players with smaller hands, or for the advanced players who want a new challenge. The Mini Tributes are barely 6 inches tall, and a perfect size to go anywhere that you do!
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$24.99 $89.99
Three natural beech jumbo sized Kendamas.  
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